Uber Apologizes For Hilarious “Wife Appreciation Day” Blunder

Uber has apologized to its customers in Bangalore following outrage over the company’s decision to promote “Wife Appreciation Day.”

In a promotional message sent to customers, the company urged husbands to “let your wife take a day off from the kitchen” with a discount on its Uber Eats food delivery service.

“Dear husbands, a gentle reminder – today is Wife Appreciation Day.”

People took to social media to express their anger, while Uber’s chief brand ambassador, Bozoma Saint John, also tweeted that the message was “completely unacceptable.”

Oddly enough, the campaign didn’t rile up many people in the local area, with most of the outrage seemingly being generated from abroad.

“Most people on Monday did not seem to know about the promo or even the negative impression it is said to have created,” BBC journalist Ayeshea Perera said. “It did not create any impression on social media, and the story is missing from the city’s main tabloids and newspapers.”

Perera added, “But if Uber is to be taken seriously, it will have to be careful to avoid carelessly worded messages like this one and come up with something more imaginative.”