Triggered Man Threatens Gun Range With Lawsuit Over Ladies Night

A California gun range has held its final ladies night under threat of a lawsuit by someone who says the range is discriminating against men.

Riverside Magnum Range, in Riverside, CA, received a letter from a local man who believed his civil rights had been violated by allowing women to shoot for free on Thursdays.

The letter was posted on Facebook by the NRA Members’ Councils of California and reads, in part, “Promotions such as those mentioned above constitute civil rights violations under the California Unruh Civil Rights Act and entitle the individual subject to discrimination to statutory damages in the amount of $4,000.00 per violation, in addition to costs and attorneys’ fees should litigation be commenced.”

The author of the letter, Gregory Rolando, apparently wrote the letter after attending the range with his girlfriend, who got in free, while Rolando had to pay the standard $15 range fee.

Several women are upset by the move, saying the free ladies night promotes female gun ownership and self-defense.

Makayla Gouvea, a 17-year-old “Ladies Night” regular said she’s upset about the lawsuit and doesn’t understand why Rolando can’t pay to utilize the range.

“He could come pay for it [range use], I don’t understand why he would cut off other people,” Gouvea said.

According to KCBS-TV,

“Men had been able to come to ‘Ladies Night’ but had to pay.

Dee Delgado says she doesn’t understand why that would upset anyone.

‘A man should not feel discriminated against a woman learning how to defend herself,’ she said.

Gouvea says she wishes the man would have a change of heart.

‘He could come pay for it, I don’t understand why he would cut off other people.’

Gouvea’s dad is also upset.

‘Maybe this guy doesn’t have a mother or sister or a daughter, I don’t know,’ Jason Gouvea said.

Lee’s lawyer advised him to stop ‘Ladies Night,’ but Lee said he is willing to go to court to fight for it.