Meme Perfectly Captures Right Wing Contradiction Over Confederacy

By Ray Davis

There’s a lot of opinions coming from different sides of the political spectrum in regards to the Confederacy and the monuments erected to it. Some of which are contradictory in nature.

While the left has its own logical gaps in its reasoning, the right can’t seem to get on the same page when it comes to how it feels about the Confederacy. On the one hand, they’re quick to point out that the Confederates and the KKK were “racist Democrats!” On the other hand, they will defend the Confederacy, wave its flag, and argue that we need to preserve Confederate statues and the flag of Old Dixie.

The truth is that many conservatives are sympathetic to the Confederate ideology, but when confronted with its ugly history, will quickly point out that it was primarily made up of Democrats.

This meme from captures the contradiction brilliantly: