Liberals Got It All Wrong! It’s GREAT to Make the LGBTQ Community Invisible to the Census

By Mitchell Broderick

We received interesting, great news from the Trump administration yesterday. Starting in 2020, the census will no longer include identification fields regarding sexual orientation or gender identity. The administration has deemed there is no “federal need” for this data.

The shocker is how the LGBT community is reacting to this wonderful news! Even George Takei has thrown punches, sharing an article damning this action, calling for us to “mobilize.”

This is particularly stunning, and ironic since George Takei and his family have endured the unfortunate consequences of how census data can be abused. There was a certain political party some years ago whose administration had a list of all the people of one certain group… it really made incarcerating them, stealing their property, and splitting up their families much easier. What party did that, I wonder?

That’s right, Democratic High Guard, Franklin Roosevelt. How did the federal government accomplish this? Using census data.

There are truly a lot of worthy complaints to toss at Trump, but I can’t fathom how the federal government not collecting data on sexual preference or gender is a bad thing. The Trump Administration is literally saying, “No, being LGBTWQ or Gender Fluid is not some special field we need to document in order to count the population of Americans.” Isn’t that equality?

My husband and I are thrilled this data won’t be collected. The government has no need for this information in order to fulfill its constitutional role. 

What’s even more absurd to consider, the same gay liberals who are terrified Trump will become a ultra-conservative dictator are upset that he isn’t putting all their names down on a list. It’s a real shame when something so obviously good and right occurs and the reaction to it is this bizarre, Stockholm syndrome lunacy. 

Be smart, try to be on as few involuntary government lists as possible. This is a good thing.