Cop Who Arrested Utah Nurse Previously Disciplined For Sexual Harassment

The Salt Lake City police officer who violently arrested a nurse after she refused to allow a blood draw on an unconscious patient was previously disciplined for alleged sexual harassment, records show.

According to the Salt Lake Tribune,

“The controversial arrest of a University Hospital nurse wasn’t the first time Salt Lake City police Detective Jeff Payne had faced an internal investigation for violating department policies, newly released records show.

About four years ago, Payne received a written reprimand for allegedly sexually harassing another department employee “over an extended period of time,” internal police records state.

And in 1995, Payne was found to have violated multiple department policies related to a vehicle pursuit that involved the Utah Highway Patrol. He was suspended 80 hours without pay.

Payne and another officer, Lt. James Tracy, have been the focus of several investigations in recent weeks after Payne aggressively arrested University Hospital nurse Alex Wubbels on July 26, acting on the directions of Tracy. Wubbels, citing hospital policy, refused to allow Payne to obtain a blood sample from an unconscious patient injured in a fiery crash in Cache County.”

A letter from May 2013 from then-Chief Chris Burbank shows that a female officer complained about Payne’s behavior, saying he had harassed her for a long time.

“Your harassing behavior was severe and persistent and created a hostile, intimidating work environment for this employee, significantly interfering with her ability to work,” reads the letter, adding that Payne also made unwanted physical contact and sent a “disparaging email.”

Additional details were not included in the letter.